I want to improve a good adult who can be change my mistake into a good thing.

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Jul 12, 2011 15:49
The day before yesterday, my close friend said that we can make good it even if after 10years if we did mistake. Then I noticed it by my friend's word that it is a part of my feeling.
My realise is I wanted to get correboration for going to go to abroad.
However, it has only one year since I started study English. I also just started to know about other country which I will go.
I mean, douing something now will be get tool for I talk them and there is a term for it in each day. I was little nervious before I do something. I relief now because I noticed about me. Let's enjoy everything and going slowly.

By the way, it's important that I keep writing about my sevral feeling like this. It will be continure dreams come true. In fact, I ended up stop keep writing about my feeling because of my English level before.
I regret such a me and will restart again it.
I want to improve good adult who can be change my mistake into a good thing.


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