Tring uproad a conversation to U-Tube.

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Jul 10, 2011 14:29
A week ago, I talked with my two close(relaiant?) friends that trying to recording which our meeting to the video and then we uproad it to U-Tube.
And it was the first recording yesterday.
The recording tool which we each brought was seven in total. For me, I tried with cell-phone, camera, and my computer so tataly I had three kinds.

After two people arrived at my house, we did some preparations for it. It has been take a time for 30 minutes when we standby together. Even we only decide an angle even if I say preparations … The first thing takes time … .

We talked as always for two hours. All of each us talking which including a sob story were continued it to imagine each us future when we talk them. And we can see our several expression for the first time in a video. It was happy time.

By the way, in the case of me, which one worked was only the video of the cell-phone. that was able to take both the conversation and the picture clealy when I checked my file later.
However, unfortunately, a picture becomes upside down. What a pity. But I really want to uproad our conversation. It will be continure toward all of the world.
So,I have been trying to use some software for changing a picture degrees sinse and uproad it from this morning. I hope I can do as well.

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