The different meaning of "believe" and "trust".

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Jul 8, 2011 14:08
I am studying both words "believe" and "trust". Those both words have similer meaning but I think it is little difficult to choice those both words in each different situation.

In one of the website, compare both words.
"Belive" is mostly to use to a person.
An example:
① I believe what you said.
② I can't believe what a bad story.
③ I believe God (I don't have religion.That's only example sentence) I think it is wrong I say "I trust Got".

In other way,
"Trust" is mostly to use to the kinds of society,company or somtehing value of society in jeneral.
An example:
① I trust the Bank. If I say "I believe the Bank", it's wrong.
② I trust my co-worker because she is always doing work carefully.
③ I trust my friend who take care of me because they always help me.

But I still can't understand them clearly. So...
Does the trust meaning I do realise/rely/depend to someone/someone's action or something result of them??

Also, in another website,
If we think how much value in each both words, there is a good value in the word of "Trust" than "Believe".
The word of "Trust" include the mean of "be convienced, have confidence in,assume".

I have a feeling that I like first the word of "Trust" than "Believe".

I just have a thinking. That is I trust what I see, what I feel,what I hear.
is that also good sentence?