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About me

I want to improve my English skills.
Would you correct my old and new posts?
Please you teach me ideas for an improvement.

I love Japanese Culture; past and present.
I would like to introduce wonderful Japanese Cultures in English.

〈Hobby〉 Traveling, Shopping
〈Specialty〉Cooking, Pianist
〈Actors I like〉Toshiro Mifune, Ken Watanabe, Johnny Depp




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Boy's Day:Tango no sekku

Tango no sekku is an annual event held on May 5th. Japanese parents hope the healthy growuth of young boys. At home they display a he...
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Apr 21, 2011 10:48 annual
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A nice brown sports car!

What a nice brown sports car that is! Oh, no! The car is a camel in the parking area! Who rode it? Did Arab park it here? It eats...
  • 1627
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  • English 
Apr 18, 2011 10:56 funny
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A cat business person commutes by train!

One day I commuted by train early morning. I felt very sleepy because of deep drinking last night. But a passenger surprised me! My ...
  • 731
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  • English 
Apr 13, 2011 10:40 funny
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Golden Week: Big holiday in Spring

Golden Week is the period from end of April to beginning of May which has four national holidays. Showa Day (honoring the Showa Empero...
  • 704
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  • English 
Apr 11, 2011 11:54
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Cherry blossom viewing in Spring: Ohanami

Japanese like to hold banquet under cherry blossom trees at the beginning of spring. It is called “Ohanami”. A long time ago, old peo...
  • 1708
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  • English 
Apr 8, 2011 15:15 spring
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Testimonials from My Friends

I just wanted to take this time out to let this sweet girl name Lisa know that I am "hontou ni Gomennasai". I guess that was a cultural gap as I never meant to get her to feel apprehensive. I AM SO SORRY, LISA. PLEASE DO FORGIVE ME. I never meant to aggravate you. I should have realize that at some point there a cultural gap would eventually show up. I hope you will forgive me and we can go back to being friends. Take Care. Tony