Visit Japan ! Enjoy Awaodori !

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Dec 24, 2013 03:40 culture japan
My friend told me that the Awaodori was featured in the video created by the Japanese government to introduce Japan and Japanese culture to the world.

The Japanese government created a promotion video for every prefecture but the primary video, which is used to show in the big cultural festival in overseas, featured Awaodori.

My hometown is the place where Awaodori started more than 400 years ago. I am proud of having such a remarkable dance festival in my home town and people have continued it for more than 400 years.

By the way, our Awaodori group in San Francisco was invited by Japanese government to the Japan Expo 2013 held in San Jose to make a public performance. This is the reason why we were invited.



ちなみにサンフランシスコの阿波踊り連が2013年 San Jose 開催のJapan Expoへ招待され、踊りを披露しましたが、それは政府作成のビデオに阿波踊りが取り上げられているからです。