Garr Reynolds - Lessons from the Bamboo

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Aug 18, 2012 23:26 ted culture japan

In this video, Garr Reynolds, very famous presentation trainer, explains characteristic of Japanese culture that he has felt about.
He is famous trainer, so his presentation is very interesting and informative.

He knows so much about Japanese culture and introduces that bamboo represents characteristic of Japanese culture and we should be like it. It means that you should be flexible, strong and rise from difficulty so many times.

(This presentation was recored soon after the Tohoku earthquake. I think that he was cheering Japanese people)

Do you think that bamboo represents characteristic of Japanese culture? I agree with his opinion.
My grand parents' generation brought about Japan's recovery in the wake of wartime devastation. Japan became the most economically powerful country in 1980s.
After the Tohoku earthquake, people has got on with their life and tried restruction of Tohoku area.
Japan is the country that rises from difficulties.

What do you feel about the video?
このビデオでは、世界中でプレゼンテーションのトレーナーとして活躍しているGarr Reynoldsが彼が感じた日本文化の特徴について紹介しています。著名なプレゼンテーションのトレーナーだけあって、非常に楽しく、ためになるビデオです。