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Jun 22, 2012 00:40 英語 TOEIC TOEFL 英検
Hello, there. I'll write a diary on the Lang-8 after a long absence. How long time was I absence? I don't remember when I write a diary here finally, but I've been still learning English, though I'm too lazy recently. I haven't gone to school so much since about three months ago. Actually, I was trading the foreign exchange currency then. So, I lost all my deposit and made a lot of debt, because of it...I was killed with the Euro-Yen...After that, I'm so poor, at a loss whether to buy just a can of coffee or not recently. I have no idea how I should repay for my debt. I'd use the money to study abroad in Australia. Now, my debt is about a million and six hundred fifty thousand yen without interest...First, it was bigger than two million yen...That's insane. I was taken all money by traders. Give back it to me! Sigh...