Noppiki Naranai (のっぴきならない)

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Jul 20, 2017 10:28 English essay
Now I'm in a situation of "noppiki naranai" (のっぴきならない).

"Noppiki naranai" is a term that represents that you can't run away or avoid something -- you are in a pinch.

"Noppiki" (のっぴき) comes from "noki hiki" (退き引き), which means to pull back and avoid something.

By adding the negative word, "naranai" (ならない), it has come to the current meaning.

Please note that "noppiki" is always used with "naranai."

Even in a situation of "noppiki naranai," I don't want to stop posting on Lang-8.

Incidentally, this term is similar to "seppa tsumaru" (切羽詰まる), which is introduced on the following URL: