Kuwazu Girai (食わず嫌い - Having a Prejudice)

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Apr 30, 2018 21:41 English essay
Are there any foods you don't like?

Do you know the actual taste of the food?

If you dislike the food though you have never tasted it, you will be called kuwazu girai (食わず嫌い) in Japanese.

Kuwazu means "not eat" and girai means "dislike" or "hate."

That is to say, kuwazu girai literally means that although you've never eaten the food, you dislike it.

Also, this term can be used not only foods but also things, such as when someone hates something with prejudiced eyes.

【Example sentences】
・Kuwazu girai wo sezu, natto wo tabete minayo (食わず嫌いをせず、納豆を食べてみなよ - Don't say you dislike natto without eating, just try it.)
・Saikin no ongaku wa kuwazu girai de, mattaku kiite inai (最近の音楽は食わず嫌いで、全く聴いていない - Since I have a prejudice against recent music, I haven't listened to them.)




「食わず」は "not eat," 「嫌い」は "dislike" や "hate" を意味します。



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