Yō wo Tasu (用を足す - Go to the Bathroom)

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Mar 15, 2019 23:56 English essay
Yō wo Tasu

I used the expression 'yō wo tasu' (用を足す) in my yesterday's post.

'Yō' (用) means "errand" and 'tasu' (足す) means "to add" or "to do what is necessary."

Of course, this expression can literally mean "to do a necessary errand," but if you say just 'yō wo tasu' (用を足す), it will mean to go to the bathroom in most cases.

It implies that you do what is necessary as a human in the bathroom.

As other indirect expressions, there are 'ohana tsumi ni iki' (お花摘みに行く - "I will go picking flowers") and 'kiji uchi ni iki' (雉撃ちに行く - "I will go pheasant hunting"), though they are now rarely used.


「用」は "errand"、「足す」は "to add/do what is necessary" を意味します。

この表現はもちろん、文字どおり "to do a necessary errand" を意味することもありますが、単に「用を足す」とだけ言った場合は「トイレに行く」ことを意味する場合が多いです。


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