Shirami Tsubushi (虱潰し - One by One)

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Apr 19, 2019 21:11 English essay
Shirami Tsubushi

Today, I eliminated bugs in my source codes right and left, and step by step.

To process something one by one to avoid missing a thing like this is called 'shirami tsubushi' (虱潰し) in Japanese.

'Shirami' (虱) means "louse (lice)," and 'tsubushi' (潰し) means "to crush" or "to kill," so the literal meaning of 'shirami tsubushi' is "to kill/crush lice."

Since lice are very small, if you want to remove (kill) them from someone's head, you have to check the hairs one by one.

Because of this, 'shirami tsubushi' came to have its current meaning.



「虱」は "louse (lice)"、「潰し」は "to crush/kill" を意味するので、「虱潰し」の文字どおりの意味は "to kill/crush lice" です。