Plates with IC chips inside, indicating its price and color ( recorded on Youtube)

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Jul 26, 2010 13:44
Hi there,

I've just recorded what was corrected in my previous entry below.

Thank you in advance for letting me know the weak points in my enunciation and the rhythm of the sentences.

Plates with IC chips inside

Have you ever tasted sushi on sushi boats?

This is a very popular sushi-eating method in Japan in which many kinds of different sushi are circulated on sushi boats.

You can pick up any boat, that is, any plate on the rail, in a sushi bar.

Please imagine that you have just finished eating a lot of sushi and the plates are piled up on your table as in the attached picture.

Then, you call a waitress and ask for the check for what you've eaten.
Now, how do you think the waitress knows how many plates you have eaten?

1. She counts the number of the plates and checks the color for each price.
2. Then, she writes down the total on a slip and hands it to you.

Nice guess!, actually I had expected this would happen at my table this afternoon, but it worked differently.

A waitress came to our table with a bar-code scanner, held it over the plates for just a second and handed a generated slip to me.

It took just three seconds to complete this process.

I was so stunned that I asked the cashier how this system worked. She replied that each plate has its own IC chip installed inside, bearing its price and color.

Maybe those who are interested in the Japanese culture already know about this, but I had never seen this before.

P.S. my selection was as follows just for your info.

_yellowtail snapper
_conger eel
_surf clam
_a cup of crab soup

Special thanks to the friendly correctors, Rene, Ashley and tony. See you around.