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May 17, 2011 11:24 TDR earthquake
I attended my uncle's funeral last Saturday.
One of my cousins also was there who works for the Oriental Land that runs Tokyo Disney Resort.
I asked to him the episodes that the cast worked incredibly well when the earthquake hit were true.
He answered yes.
In addition, he admitted it was also true they gave a fire and an earthquake drills their part time workers almost every day.
When I heard they held many drills 180 days a year for the first time, I doubted it.
Because it meant they did once two days.
Nobody knows when a disaster would come and there were hardly a huge earthquake even in Japan.
However, he said yes.
I thought they had too many trainings.
Though he is on a higher position in his company, he explained he and other executives made thousands of onigiri for their part time workers.
The cast gave the guests in the park all of the food in shops free of charge so they didn't have enough food.

Wow! I thought the Oriental Land should manage the nuclear power plants in Japan instead of the Tokyo Electric Company.
The Oriental Land will work much better than them.