Aroma of Snack

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Feb 17, 2011 10:50
One beautiful winter day, me and Bee, my younger daughter went out.
Bee found a pile of Jagariko, a Japanese popular snack at the drugstore.
"That is Pon's favorite!" Bee said and I bought it Pon, my elder daughter.
Pon went skiing at Zao at that time and I was glad Bee was kind to be consider of her sister.

But when we went home...
Bee said "Mom, bring me Jagariko!"
I replied "Ha? You said not to eat still your sister come back, didn't you?"
She said again "I just want to glance at it. So bring it to me!"

Doubtful Bee!
The aroma of Jagariko was so delicious.
Jagariko could have a narrow escape?

my Japanese original entry