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Oct 18, 2017 21:52
"(Announcement) The flight departed from Jeju arrives in Seoul at 8:30 PM."
"Oh, Wasn't that 9:30? I better hurry now cuz I don't wanna miss her landing."

"How can I help you mister?"
"I'd like a big mac meal with sized up coke and potate wedges instead of fries."

"You're leaving work this early?"
"Yes, I'm finished doing my share, and I'm calling it a day at my discretion."
"Good, I won't be expecting you at work from tomorrow."
"제주에서 출발한 비행기는 8시 30분에 서울에 도착합니다"
"어라 9시 30분 아니었어? 이륙을 놓치지 않으려면 서둘러야겠다." (그녀 is practically not used in conversation)

"빅맥에 콜라 사이즈업하고, 감자튀김 대신에 감자 웻지 주세요"

"이렇게 빨리 퇴근해요?"
"네, 제 몫은 다 했으니 제 마음대로 퇴근하려구요"
"좋아요, 내일부터는 회사에 나오지 않아도 돼요"