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Group Description

Hi there! This group is a small, humble abode for Singaporeans and for those who're interested in its culture. ^^

A little mythbuster: Singapore is NOT in China. We are located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, and also the southernmost city in the Eurasian mainland.

If you're a Singaporean, join us and discuss anything you like about Singapore. (No offensive topics allowed.) If you're not, feel free to ask anything about Singapore in this group. ;)

We have a dialect of our own, Singlish, which is a blend of Eastern and Western grammatical structures.

If you are currently residing in (or intending to move to) Singapore and wish to meet Japanese and Singaporeans alike, please feel free to check out the Japanese Meetup @ Singapore:

Alternatively, there is a group for Koreans and Singaporeans:

A group for native Chinese and Singaporeans:

Singlish section: (if you're not a Singaporean and you can understand it, I'll give you thumbs up for this!)

arloz! this is group for singaporeans and those who wan know more abt sg + culture

if u come frm sg, come here discuss anything abt singapore under the anti-gahmen or seditious topics ba



如果您是一位新加坡人,欢迎你加入我们谈谈任何你对于新加坡的感想 (不允许伤和气的标题喔)。如果您不是新加坡人,也欢迎您发出你想知道任何关于新加坡的问题。


Apa khabar semua! Group ini merupakan yang terkecil, pondok bagi orang-orang Singapura dan bagi mereka yang tertarik dengan kebudayaan Singapura. ^^

Sedikit meluruskan mitos: Singapura BUKAN di Cina. Singapura terletak di penjuru Selatan Semenanjung Malaysia, dan juga merupakan bandar paling selatan di tanah besar Eurasia

Jika anda seorang warga Singapura, sertailah kami dan utarakan apa-apa pendapat anda mengenai kota Singapura! (Segala topik yang tidak menyinggung diterima) Jika Anda bukan, silakan untuk bertanya apapun tentang Singapura di dalam group ini. ;)

Kami mempunyai dialek tersendiri, yaitu Singlish, yang merupakan campuran dari struktur tata bahasa Timur dan Barat.

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Oct 13, 2013


Hi! Welcome to this group! Do you have anything to talk about Singapore? Feel free to write it here! ^^


Feb 20, 2011

Photos of Singapore etc

Share some photos about Singapore or other places! I have some here: (there is some Engrish in photo #02)


Sep 27, 2009

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Jun 29, 2009

Translation of Group Description (to Chinese & Malay)

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Mar 23, 2011

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