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Group Description

A community for people who love kpop&jpop~! You can be from anywhere and be learning any language, so let's help each other out while enjoying music ^^

Personally, I'm from the US and am learning Japanese & Korean, so if you can relate to me with that, I encourage you to join!

You can join both the LINE & KakaoTalk group chats, so feel free to message me on both!

Before anything, introduce yourself under this thread so i can avoid spam:

Add me on LINE so I can add you to the group!
My LINE ID: vulpixxe
My LINE QR Code:

For KKT:
Add me on KKT so I can add you to the group!
My KKT ID: oubento
My KKT QR Code:

Please be nice & respectful, let's not start fanwars! Most importantly, have fun & make language learning friends while talking about something you enjoy <3

あなたの英語は悪い? 大丈夫です‼ あなたが学ぶことができます ^^

한국 연사? 영어에 합류하고 향상 시키십시오 ^^