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Group Description

Hola everyone.

This is a group for the ones who can speak/read/write English and want to learn Japanese (like me) and Japanese people who want to learn English.

There are some Skype/Line groups out there but I think Viber provides a better Chatting environment. There are some problems with Skype (sending takes time and is pending for a long time in my case). Besides, I don't feel comfortable with Line.

You can install Viber desktop version on your PC in order to write better and faster. you can send audio, video,... Viber is fast.
Besides, Viber groups doesn't have any administrator. It means I just create the group. If I leave the group, it continues to work between the rest of the members!
This is Great.
You can install Google Japanese IME (input method editor) on your PC or android phone. This is just great for typing Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana).
You can install offline Japanese language pack for Goole translate on your android phone. This is great, too.

Please send your Viber ID (phone number) and say what language you are going to learn. If you want, you can tell where are you from. Are you a beginner or not. If learning Japanese have you learned Hiragana or Katakana so far or not.

Besides, I am learning Japanes based on Genki textbooks. you can buy it or download 2011 edition of that (about 1.09 GB) with all audio files from torrent.

There are some workbook which we can work together based on Genki chapter by chapter.

Best regards.