Group Description


This is the paradise for learning fans with the linguistical games!

We have funny, intelligent plays and linguistic humour, that help by learning of foreign languages.

We are glad to see you hier!

Best wishes by interesting playings in our group!


★ Each topic in this group is a game.

★ Anyone can join at any time.

★ Anyone can offer a new game.

★ Each post in any topic in a foreign language must be accompanied by an English translation.

★ Each post must be prefixed with a language abbreviation.
de - Morgen gehen wir ins Kino. en - Tomorrow we go to the movies.
pl - Dzisiaj jesteśmy w Berlinie. en - Today we remain in Berlin.

★ The list of abbreviations is below and can continue to expand.

★ Some games require the use of previous posts.
In this case, the sentences in the non-Latin languages must be accompanied by a transliteration (romanization).
fa - آواز [āvāz] en - voice
kk - мұрағат [murahat] en - archive

★ It's fine to make corrections on the words and sentences used by other players.
Please write the comments in english. Also, everyone can learn!

★ Our main goal is: We are learning together!

Language abbreviations:

en - English

af - Afrikaans
ar - العربية
az - Azərbaycanca
be - Беларуская
bg - Български
ca - Català
cs - Česky
da - Dansk
de - Deutsch
el - Ελληνικά
eo - Esperanto
es - Español
et - Eesti
eu - Euskara
fa - فارسی
fi - Suomi
fr - Français
gu - ગુજરાતી
he - עברית
hi - हिन्दी
hr - Hrvatski
hu - Magyar
hy - Հայերեն
id - Bahasa Indonesia
is - Íslenska
it - Italiano
ja - 日本語
ka - ქართული
kk - қазақша
ko - 한국어
la - Latina
lt - Lietuvių
lv - Latviešu
mk - Македонски
nl - Nederlands
no - norsk (bokmål)‬
pa - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
pl - Polski
pt - Português
ro - Română
ru - Русский
sk - Slovenčina
sl - Slovenščina
sv - Svenska
tr - Türkçe
th - ไทย
vi - Tiếng Việt
uk - Українська
uz - O‘zbek
zh - 中文