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Group Description

* QQ Group: 134191792
* QT语音免费学频道: http://qt.qq.com/go.html?roomid=3110393
* 网站:http://www.ch-ing-lish.com
* 频道时间表:http://www.ch-ing-lish.com/qt3110393-timetable/

Our language swap community is a small informal network of individuals who have come together to experience the beauty of learning together as one whole (Global Family). We are all passionate and enthusiastic about our study and friendship making. We support those who have the desire to realise their learning potential through participation with others via free online communication software. Our aim is to find innovative and like-minded individuals and groups who are also interested in learning. Although we presently only focus on the study of Chinese & English, speakers of all languages are welcome to join us. In the future we hope members will offer to teach their mother tongue, making this a truly international effort.

Why Volunteer?
Our group efforts will provide everyone interested in Learning Chinese-English with an environment to study for free; a consequence of their own contributions to the community.
Waste less time trying to find language partners
If you volunteer you will ensure that there is always a platform available for everyone (including yourself) to participate and attend classes for free
You will get to meet people from all walks of life and learn a bit about other countries, culture, and languages (if you want).
Volunteers get the opportunity to build their own individual rooms, invite friends to join you and even lock the room to restrict access – create your own study oasis.