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Lang-8 Design Contest

Dear Lang-8 Users and friends!

Want to help shape the future of Lang-8?
We are holding a "new design" contest, where YOU will have the chance to completely revamp the look and feel of Lang-8.

What should I design?
For this contest, all you have to do is design the Lang-8 top page (the page you see before you log-in).

$50 to the top page that is selected
(The person that is chosen will be asked to continue working on the rest of the Lang-8 pages (including buttons, icons, etc) and will receive payment of $300-$500, USD.

Everyone who applies will get their names credited under the "special thanks" page.

Submitting your Design
Time Limit: August 12, 2008, 24:00pm Japanese time.

When you finish the design, please send the completed jpg, png, or gif file to with the subject "Lang-8 re-design contest."
We will publication the file on Lang-8 "Design Contest"group
(If you don't want to put on the group, please let us know)

Design Details & Rules:
(1) The width should be between 900px-930px

(2) The current alignment of the Lang-8 website is located to the left, but the new design should be aligned to the center.

(3) Please forget the current Lang-8 design and re-do everything! You can even change the Lang-8 logo however you'd like!

(4) The top page should contain at least the following:
-Lang-8 Logo (please design a new logo)
-Login form
-Register Button
-Language select interface
-Help link / button
-navigation (home, entries, member, tag, Q&A)
-Something to introduce Lang-8 concepts (this is important, and if there is something with a world map, that's best)
-Something that introduces Lang-8 services (correcting sentences, tag function (coming soon!), Q&A (this is coming soon too) and there is the possibility of adding new functions, so please design this area so it's flexible and allows for more options later on).
-new members
-hot entries
-footer (about us, privacy policy, etc)

Q: Who selects the champion?
A: Lang-8 staff

Q: How will I receive my prize / fee?
A: Paypal

Q: What should I include in my entry?
A: Please send us the photoshop or Illustrator files when you are selected.

When you are selected and start to design the other pages of Lang-8, we expect the rest of the design to be complete by the end of August, '08. We will communicate frequently through Skype or other similar means.

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Aug 3, 2008


If you have any questions, please ask here or Email to Thank you.


Aug 19, 2008

Timelimit has been changed

Before: August 12 Now : Augest 18