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I would like your detailed review of whatever English - Korean electronic handheld dictionary(ies) that you are using. I'm looking to buy one and I can't find any good < GOOD reviews online !

I'm not talking about > online dictionaries or translators.
I'm talking the portable kind you use when you just need to know the word for ___~~~~~~ _____ in Korean - FAST!
Do not suggest Google translate / Babelfish and the like.
I'm aware of online resources.

If you do not now use a portable English > Korean dictionary please do not post just to say you do not know which one is best / or just to state that you don't use one. There's just no point in doing that...but thanks for taking a look at this thread! I hope you find your answer here too, if you are looking for one, like I am.


Please try to structure your thoughts/post :

I use this English to Korean electronic dictionary ______________
Pros -__________________________________
Where I bought it_____________________


I think this one ___________________________________________ is the best because ________________________


No matter what you do don't buy a ___________ because _____________ (but no need to swear ha ha)ok?

Reviews like "I have this and it sucks." < doesn't give us much detail...try to be a bit more verbose /thanks!

If the interface or manual is entirely in Korean I'd like to know but - I'm much less interested in buying it, because I want an English interface/manual. I'd also like a color monitor and a keyboard that understands Korean / Hangul Typing). Many other fancy features are not necessary but feel free to describe, recommend or warn me about whatever you use now or have tried in the past.

Is it Nurian? Ectaco? ...another brand? Have you tried many and don't like any of them? Do you have many favorites?

Let's make this thread productive for people who really want to know! Thanks for posting your experiences!

I made this an group you need to join to post - to limit unrelated and off-topic posts. Let's focus! Ha ha.