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For a banner (on my web-site), www.osakabentures.com, どうですか:


** If you see the three "slides", now one has a snowboarder, and one, English, another, a catalog page (Japanese), these need to replaced with better images/slides.

So, I am thinking about making a slide with a photo + "海外との交渉・国際サポートの定額プランは
詳細はこちらです。" If people click this slide, it would lead to "国際部のコストダウン" page.

Actually, I just want people to go to "国際部のコストダウン" page and then call or write me - so they can tell me what THEY want me to do. Basically, other pages: not important, but I need a blog to keep content fresh and keep sending links to Twitter, Mixi, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. - so I can get people and company 代表 (ドウアホ達? maybe we would say in 大阪。Or, we would say, if we are 外人!)

Do you have advice? Thanks so much for your valuable advice, how to make my business and site better.

And now, here's 2 presents for you:
1. See http://about.me/osakasaul and http://about.me/saulfleischman and then, if you want to make your own, CLAIM YOUR NAME (fast!), and make your own "splash page," which is 便利 because its such a short URL but with your links.

2. Are you featured in magazines? If you were, wouldn't you put a link on your web-site/blog? Ok, let's do that NOW: Just tweet (つぶやいて) with Osaka, Kansai, #KdL and you will be featured in a Twitter MAGAZINE! I own three:

Plus, I just started these two new ones, still being made, so, まだ記事と整頓・整理中: http://paper.li/osakasaul/1292486897
And this is the new Facebook Magazine: "Virtual Kaigai Jimusho": http://paper.li/f-1292654361
** In facebook, "japan" + "exporter" gets you facebook update expanded (include URL! include photos! include videos for a super magazine 記事!)

In the magazine links (above), from "EMBED" (near the top, right side) you can put a small "widget" on your blog or web-site, and if you tweet with

You will be featured in the magazine!

HINT: include a URL, a photo, a video (!!!) and even if its "mini-URL" or full URL, it gets expanded in the magazines! Please see the first three I listed, they are G L O R I O U S (but they need your twitter tweets, too!)

** Please tell me and send me link to your blog/site if you install the widget for any of my magazines to saul@osakabentures.com - if you do it, I will promote you, your business, your facebook group, etc. to the 37,000 connections I have in Twitter. And maybe you can become part of our KdL Web2.0 SOcial Media Group, if you wish. But you need some English ability, at least maybe 英検準1級程度、だいたい. 良いネンナーッ? (Yeah, I'll train you to speak better OsakaBen, probably!)


Saul Fleischman
In Twiiter: @OsakaSaul
Twitter, Japanese: @SaulSay
SKYPE: osakasaul