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Like to learn kanji visually? Here is the place to do it!

Kanji videos are great memory boosters. Several of us have found them to be effective. To make them, just upload and click using a web service called Animoto (http://www.animoto.com). They look sophisticated, but making them is a snap.

How to:

1. Using your favorite graphics editor, make 2-3 different pictures of a kanji. You can even do this with windows paint. I recommend that at least one of the fonts be a textbook style font (教科書体 - here's a free one Epson Kyokasho Font http://kyokashotai.notlong.com ) and also a book style font like gothic or mincho. You can possibly vary the background color for variety, but all white also looks very clean.

Make the size of your graphic 300 x 215. You should make sure that the edges of the kanji are well away from the edges of the graphic so that it won`t get cut off in the video (animoto creates auto panning of your images). Save it as a jpg file. You need around 8 kanji files in total, so you'll need to make copies of your images (or alternatively you could make 8 unique images).


2. Using your favorite image bank (flickr, google image search, stock photos, etc.) find pictures that illustrate the meaning of the kanji. You'll need around 5-7.

3. Login to animoto and upload your images. Choose from their music selection or add your own (you can upload and use any mp3). Interleave the pictures with the kanji, making sure that the first and last pictures are kanji pictures .

4. Let animoto render your video, sit back, and check out the result when you are done. You can remix (press the render button and see what comes out) to your heart's content, so if you don't like it, just try again.

5. Thats it. Share with us!

Tips: kanji with a concrete meaning are easier to find pictures that will work than those with an abstract meaning.

Note: With the free animoto, you are limited to around 30 seconds of video (but who cares, because 30 seconds is probably just about right for a kanji video - you don't want to waste hours watching them. However, if you wanted to make something longer, here is a coupon code for $5 off the subscription: iyomkneh just enter it when on the sign-up page and you'll get an automatic discount).

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Aug 5, 2008

80 kanjis on y kun

80 kanjis on y kun