@ Two Voices Inside Me Often Conflict Each Other 自分の中の二人

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Feb 3, 2015 20:58
I've been thinking about how to express a contrasting opinion to someone who is a typical Japanese person.

It's actually very difficult for me to express a different opinion if I hold to "Japanese" behaviors and manners, which may sound agreeable. It's "Japanese" ideals, where all matters are agreed upon.

A lot of Japanese people say that I am sedate and soft-spoken, that's because I often try to fit in the Japanese way when I speak Japanese and am with them.

However, as you may have known a little about me from my diary, I've acquired some different traits that I've learned from the English language and its culture as well.

I've been furnished with both a Japanese culture and a different culture. I've often discovered myself as someone who speaks Japanese, but thinks in the way of the West. But, sad to say, I can't act as how I think here.

The Japanese side of me says that I should just stay quiet, but the English side of me says that I should be more straightforward and say it clearly if I have an opposite opinion.

It's as if the two characters inside me are fighting.

While I have been practicing speaking English, it seems like I feel more comfortable expressing my feelings and opinions in English rather than in Japanese. That's not a bad thing as an English-learner, though.

Since I have been avoiding saying contrasting opinions for a long time, it's kind of more difficult to be straightforward and open in Japanese.

最近、典型的な日本人女性に どうやって自分の意見を述べることができるのか、考えている。

実際、自分が ”いつも物事に賛成しているような”日本人的な言動を固守していたら、別の意見を言うのってとても難しい。 



日本文化を持った自分とそれとは違う文化を持った自分に出くわすことがある。 日本語を話しながら、でも西洋的に考えてる自分をよく発見する。でも、悲しいことに自分が考えているようには行動できない。




長い間、反対意見を言うのを避けてきた自分にとって、日本語で 包み隠すことなく話すのはさらに難しい気がする。