@ Goddess in Your Toilet トイレの神様

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Feb 25, 2011 17:11

I wonder if there is a special goddess in your bathroom?

A survey, which was conducted in Tokyo for 500 Japanese men and women aged 20 to 39, says that cleaning your toilet will make a difference in your income.

They compared people's income between those who often clean their toilets and those who rarely clean them. The average annual salary of the former is 542 million yen, and 454 million yen for the latter. Wow! The difference between those two is nearly 90 million yen! You could travel in luxury with that much!

I feel great when I see a shiny toilet. The result of the survey might be attributed to people's spirit of commitment. The people who are willing to do the jobs that many are reluctant to do will do better in any field.

Although I'm not sure if it is true, in Japan it has long been believed that you will become beautiful or you will have beautiful children if you keep cleaning your toilets.

Now that you have learned both the results of the survey and this long-time Japanese belief, you might want to do it!

Here's a big hit-song titled "The Goddess of a Toilet", "toire-no-kami-sama" in Japanese.

Here you go.