I Feel It's Been a While to Come Here... 久しぶり~

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Nov 7, 2010 01:05

It has been a while, since I decided not to write journal entries every day.

I have spent more relaxing time after dinner than before though, my decision seems to have become a discouraging factor for me to log on Lang-8.

I have not corrected or even read as many entries as before; it feels myself a bit lonely sometimes.

Since I really enjoyed visiting here every day, where I could communicate with great friends, and at the same time I could learn real English from them, now I feel that I leave a void in my life somehow.

Good things are, except for having more relaxing bathing-time at night, that I can commit the time to study for English skill tests, which is upcoming in a couple of weeks. Furthermore, I have spent more time to practice oral reading for my spoken English.

I'm not really sure if I become lazier or more energetic about my Enlgish study from now on due to my decision.

Well, I hope my Lang-8 friends drop by and correct my entry today too!

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