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Jul 17, 2010 22:37
I am going to work as an interpreter in a big sporting event (at the) beginning (of) next month.

Today, I went to a project meeting, in which we discussed preparing things beforehand. I am supposed to be in charge of Karate athletes coming from many countries around the world.

In the meeting, I really enjoyed the people there, who have the ability to speak various languages, such as Chinese, Spanish, Persian, and English. Most of the Japanese people (there) were wives whose husbands are a Paraguayan, Chinese, British and Australian. They will work as interpreters for each language. Also, I had an Australian and a British man sitting at my table, who were fluent Japanese speakers. People there have different backgrounds, and they were fun to talk with.

I actually didn't know much about Karate, but I was inclined to practice Karate after talking with a Karate expert (master?), around 60, sitting next to me. I was impressed with his personality. He didn't act big with unpretentious manners. He is actually a big man in the field though.

I really felt that every person I met is my mentor for life. (I really feel that every person I meet is my mentor for life.)

I am looking forward to seeing the karate training hall next week, then the real karate competition the week after that!


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