@ Korea and Japan are Rivals?    韓国と日本

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Jun 30, 2010 22:01
It seems that Korea and Japan are good mates and also good rivals in many fields.

The victory of the Korean team in the World Cup motivated the Japanese team, and vice versa. ( The Korean team's victory in the World Cup motivated the Japanese team, and vice versa.) Although we keep a sense of rivalry, Japanese people tend to root for Korean team when they have a game with other countries. I think it is interesting.(I found it interesting.)

An American man said (wrote) in his entry that the English written by Koreans on Lang-8 is good. I felt a bit bad about that. I have not read any of their entries. Maybe I should go visit there to get a stimulus(motivation, inspiration), sometime.

I remembered something that my American friend said to me "The level of English between Koreans and Japanese is almost the same, but the attitude is different."

Her experiences went like this( Here are some of her experiences):

When she travelled around Japan, she talked to a group of three girls to ask directions. All three girls looked at each other, and discussed it with each other in Japanese. One girl seemed to know the directions, so my friend asked her directly. Then the girl suddenly transformed herself as if she did not know anything, and started asking the other girls again. My friend said that that was weird. Well, I can picture the scene somehow.

On the contrary, when my friend traveled in Korea, she experienced the same situation. This time, the girls scrambled to answer her questions. All three girls looked at her and tried to explain the directions in English. My friend said the level of English between Japanese and Korean girls were the same. The difference was their attitude.

Have you had such experiences before?

Her story became food for thought! (Her story came to be food for thought!)


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