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May 3, 2015 13:01
I have been looking for good English words that are similar in meaning to the Japanese word "wagamama".

I know some words: selfish, egoistic. But, they sound like these words describe someone who acts up like a spoiled child.

I sometimes describe myself as "wagamama", but it doesn't always mean that I think I'm better than other people or that I don't care about others.

A couple of days ago, I visited my old friend's place and we had a good time over some dishes that she made for me. I was so impressed with her hospitality.

There, we touched on the subject of a personality, including the so called "wagamama", and she told me that my wagamama" is one of my charms. Wow! I was simply so happy to hear that. I guess she likes me for being who I am and for behaving kind of differently from ordinary people who she has met.

However, I'm actually not sure in what manners she considers my "wagamama" nature appealing.

Would you take "selfishness" or "ego" in a positive way in English?


Selfish とか Egoistic という言葉は知ってる。でも、それって、甘やかされた子供のように勝手に行動することでしょ。

私は自分のことを 時々「わがままな人」だと表現する。 でも、それは他の人より自分が勝ってるとか、他の人のことを考慮しない人のことではない。


そこで、私たちは 「わがまま」と呼ばれる性格についても話した。 なんと、彼女は私のわがままさが魅力だといった。私は単純に嬉しかった。たぶん、彼女は私が他の人と違っていて、自分らしくしているところが好きなんだと思う。


英語では、selfish や ego を 肯定的に捉えることってある?