@ I Found A Place To Heal Me. 癒しの場所

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Mar 10, 2014 10:40
Are you a mountain or a sea-person?

As for me, there's no contest, I've loved the ocean for as long as I remember. I don't even know why. When I look at the sea, I feel a sense of peace.( I feel a sense of infinite.) (I feel looking out at that endless blue.)

Speaking of which (On that note),the other day I went to an aquarium. I actually didn't expect much of the place, because I felt that it would be artificial. Also, I'm not very interested in marine creatures and I'm not familiar with their ecological systems.

”Too much hope deceives”, but it went the opposite way.

It was amazing! Maybe I was desperate for some healing spots like that.

After going through the entrance, there was an escalator in any second, which was made like a narrow tunnel. Wow! Passing through the tunnel, a big tank caught my eye! I was like a deer in headlights. Not just because of all the beautiful and mysterious creatures in the tank, but also the atmosphere of the place. It was beautiful. I could have stayed there for hours.

It's funny that when I visited there before, I was not very impressed, but I was this time. I seem to need a certain place depending on my state of mind.

I started to feel like taking some of my friends to the place, but I guess that it might depend on their mood when it comes to how they feel.

I wonder how and where, maybe when people can enjoy things seems like it depends on their frame of mind in each moment.



私は 迷うまでもなく、海。理由なんてない。ただ、海を見ていると気持ちがよくなる。


「期待をし過ぎると裏切られる」ね。でも 今回はその逆だった。


入口を入ると、すぐにエスカレーターがあった。トンネルのように作ってある。 わあ。そのトンネルを通り抜けると、巨大な水のタンクが私の目に飛び込んできた。 私は立ちすくんでしまった。そこにいた生き物のせいじゃない。その雰囲気にのみこまれてしまった。すごく美しくて、何時間でもそこにいたい気分になった。

前にそこを訪れた時は 何も感動しなかったのに、今回はこんなだ。なんか不思議。私って、心の状態によって、必要な場所が違うみたい。


人が、どんなふうに、どこで、いつ、楽しむかは その人のその瞬間の心の在り方で違うんだろうな、、、

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