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Apr 13, 2016 11:45
I'm embarrassed to say this, but I've actually had some students who want to learn English from me.

This morning, I went to the office of one of my students and we studied the present perfect tense, using a grammar book published by Cambridge. I felt that it went well, because he seemed very satisfied to have learned the basic grammar, which he thinks was not taught in an understandable way at school.

It's a great pleasure for me (It's a pleasure to me) when I can see my students enjoying the lessons.

However, I'm still uncertain sometimes whether my answers to their questions are completely correct. You know, I am not a native speaker, and I have only lived in Japan. I can answer more or less, but I don't want to wing it or answer them in a nonchalant and irresponsible way when I am not very sure about the natural way to say something.

At those times,I tell them that I am going to check it and answer their questions a week later. I think I understand when I say "I'll look it up. I'll have an answer for you next week."

I'm grateful that my students understand the fact that I am also a student who has been trying to get better at English, and also enjoying it.

Anyway, this student asked me a question today. I would be happy if you could teach me a common way of how to pronounce the number used for years in English?

2016> two thousand sixteen / twenty sixteen: Answer>both are correct.

2010>two thousand ten / twenty ten: Answer>both are correct.

2005>two thousand and five / twenty oh five>The former is common

1945> one thousand nine hundred and forty five? / nineteen forty five>The former is better.

855 AD>eight hundred and fifty five AD

45AD > forty five AD


今朝、その中の一人の事務所に行った。そして一緒に ケンブリッジの文法書で「現在完了形」を勉強した。レッスンは上手くいったと思う。彼は、その基本的な文法を学ぶことができてすごく満足している様子だった。そういう文法は学校ではわかりやすく教えてもらえてないと彼は言っている。





今日、彼から西暦の読み方の質問を受けた。教えてもらえたら嬉しい! (^O^)/

ありがとう! お世話になります。_(._.)_

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