Close In, Otaku! オタクたち集まって~

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May 21, 2015 23:01
I had enough time to correct several journal entries written in Japanese this morning; however, I could only find one of my friends who wrote it today. I worked on it, but still I feel like helping people with their Japanese.

So, I looked for some people who want corrections by Japanese people in the list on Lang-8. There, I found out that I couldn't help but spot people who state only one language to study, which is of course Japanese for me.

It may be because I'm intrigued by people who are putting themselves into a certain thing. I really like a "otaku" type of people. They seem to be called geeks in English, but yet they somehow stir up my interest.

Having said that, I am ashamed to say that I've only been into English for a long time. I might be wishing that I have diverse interests deep down.

It sure would be nice if I were a person with a wide range of interests. If the interest is languages, I could learn and speak more languages, like Japanese, English, French and Spanish! I would be proud of myself in my abilities!

I know it's inappropriate that I, who have been slack in writing diaries recently, ask you to write diaries more often. But, let me ask you so today! lol

Am I speaking in tongues?

今朝は、日記を添削する十分な時間があったのに、日記を書いている友達はたったの一人だけ。 その友達の日記を添削したけど、まだ余力があって 添削したい気分だった。





私みたいに最近、日記を書くことをサボっている人間が言うのもなんだけど、みんなもっと日記を頻繁に書いてくれない? お願いします。笑

私はなんか、意味不明のことを話してるか? w