Should I Always Smile? いつも微笑んでいなくてもいいよね。

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May 5, 2015 12:07
I was standing in line at the cash register at a store yesterday. Then, I felt grimness from my backside. It was a weird feeling as if I were having eyes on the back of my head.

After paying and receiving my purchases, I turned around, then a woman standing right behind me got into my eye. Well, she is maybe in her 40s, a good looking woman, so there was nothing bad except for her enigmatic big smile.

Okay, I guess that my behavior was weirder, though I wanted to know at any cost why she was smiling alone. I stood at a place where I could see her face well. Hey, I could see her teeth! Was it from her psychological study?

At first, I thought she and the cashier were friends or so. It would seem they were not, because the cashier was just working normally without talking to her. However, the person was still continuing having a smiley face.

"Smiles are the best present to anyone!" I've believed the word for a long time, but why can't accept her smiling! It was more than weird, but just gross! lol

I don't want to have a frown face even when I am alone shopping or waiting in line. It's better to have a bright look and I hope I do.

I read an article, which is titled "Should I always smile?" written by one of my Lang-8 friends this morning.

I love smiling and I love receiving smiles.

But, maybe it's not very nice to try too hard to smile if I don't feel like doing so. I can't do so, anyway.

Lots of smiles for you! (^-^)


支払いを済ませて、買い物を受け取った後、振り返ると 後ろに並んでいたご婦人の顔が目に飛び込んできた。だいたい40才代かな。きれいな人だ。なにも特別に悪いことはない。ただ、彼女が変ににこにこしていることを除いたら。

まあ、実は私の行動の方が変かもしれない。 彼女がなぜ一人でにこにこしているのかどうしても知りたかった。歯を出して微笑んでる! 心理学の学びからのものか?


「笑顔はみんなにあげられる最高の贈り物」その言葉を今まで信じてきた。なのにどうしてこの彼女の微笑みを受け入れられない? 変だっていうもんじゃない。気持ち悪いって。笑


今朝、Lang-8の一人の人の書いた記事を読んだ。 Should I always smile?っていうタイトル。