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Jul 8, 2016 09:05
How would you translate "~してみた” into English? For example, その試験を受けてみた.

I've had corrections for my wrong usage of "try" several times so far.

Recently, I haven't been able to use the word "try" freely, because I get confused trying to find out when to use it and when not to.

If my memory serves me correctly, some people have explained that "I tried" implies "my failure." Is this correct?

Let's see, for instance, if I say "I tried very hard to solve the problem", it seems that the meaning is that I couldn't sort it out, right?

In Japanese, there are lots of occasions to describe a challenge, in other words, "someone gave it a try" or "try doing something" regardless of the result.

Can I say "I took the test expecting that I would pass it in one try" after I found out that I had passed it? 一回で合格することを願ってそのテストを受けてみた。Does the sentence imply "I failed"?

The Japanese sentence has nothing to do with the result and I just wanted to describe my challenge by using the word "try."

If I didn't convey my question clearly enough, let me know.


最近、try を使っていいのか悪いのかわからずに、自由に使うことができなくあんった。

私の記憶が正しければ、I tried ということは、「やったけど失敗した」という意味を含んでいるという説明だったと思う。

例えば、I tried to solve the problem very hard と言えば、「私はそのことを解決することができなかった」という意味でしょ?

日本語で 「挑戦」することを表す場面が多い。結果がどうであったにしろ「やってみた」という意味で使う。

I tried to take the test expecting that I would pass it in one try. 私はその試験に合格した事実があるときにもこの英語は使っていいのだろうか? それとも、I failedという意味をその文章はすでに伝えているんだろうか?


私の質問の意味、わかるかなあ? もしはっきりしなかったら教えてください。

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