Can I Develop My Business? ビジネスを開拓?

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Mar 6, 2014 23:28
Guess what?

I've been scheming something, which I've actually cherished the dream of for a long time.

The thing is that I've been making an English learning material from what I learned. I'm also planning to have a native English speaker make CD for the material. Luckily, someone came forward to help me with the work.

If I can complete the expected English learning material for English learners, I will be able to sell it!

It's kind of weird that I'm trying to go off to a completely different direction, thinking about the past, ten years ago when I was not able to speak English at all.


私は今、企んでいることがある。それは 実は長い間、夢見ていたことなんだけど。



なんか、10年前の全く英語が話せなかった頃の自分を考えると、 全くもって、違う道を歩こうってしてる自分が不思議。