@ Do You Prefer Having Many Friendships or A Few Deep Ones? 広くて浅い友情 それとも 深い友情?

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Sep 26, 2013 21:30
Last weekend, my sister and I talked about our friendships.

Although I know that she and I have a very different concept of friendship, it was interesting to get across our ideas to each other for the first time in a long while.

She told me that she still likes spending her time with a lot of different people. It seems that she doesn't talk about personal stuff a lot to her friends, and thus, she doesn't have friends who could share serious issues with. That is what she likes.

I remember that we argued a lot about it when we were bothe university students. She had a lot of both male and female friends. Meanwhile, I had only a few close friends.

Her style of making friends caused some problems. Some of her male friends fell for her, as she was very personable; however, she pegged them as just friends, but treated them in a very friendly manner. She was not looking for romance, but just liked having lots of friends.

I was so sensitive about the situation that I felt sorry for them, and I told her that I didn't like her equivocal attitude towards them. Some of the guys got the wrong idea from her friendly and nice attitude, as if she liked them a lot.

They came over to me in order to get help, but I couldn't help them. I wonder how many guys shed tears for hopeless love in front of me.

She shouldn't be blamed for it because she kept her style to stay friends and never sold herself short, no matter how much they liked her. 

I sometimes feel that it would be nice if I acted like her.



彼女は広く浅く付き合うのが好きだと言った。 彼女は個人的な話は友達に多くは語らないらしい。だから、深刻な問題を話す友達はいない。 これが彼女の好きな友情の形なのだ。

私達が大学生の頃、よく言い合いをしていたのを思い出す。彼女は 男性でも女性でも多くの友人がいた。 一方、私は数人の親しい友人がいるだけだった。

でも、彼女にはよく問題が発生していた。 彼女の男性の友達は彼女に恋をしてしまうのだ。彼女は器量がよかったし、いい人だったから。 それでも彼女は彼らと親しげに付き合いながら、「ただの友達」と呼んでいた。彼女は「恋愛」より友情を欲しかったんだ。

私はこの状況にすごく敏感で、その男の子たちに同情した。 私は彼女にその”煮え切らない態度”が嫌だと言った。 その男の子たちは彼女の優しい接し方のせいで誤解して、「彼女に好かれている!」と勘違いしてしまう。

彼らは私に助けを求めてきたけど、私はなにもできなかった。 何人の男の子たちが私の前で涙を流しただろう。

彼女は責められるべきではないと思う。どんなに彼らが彼女を好きでも 彼女は自身のスタイルを通していたし、自分を安売りすることはなかった。