@ @ I Can Overcome My Weakness This Time! こんどこそ~

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Mar 26, 2012 21:44
I've finally decided to go to a gym regularly starting next month.

Around two years ago, I suffered an accident in "Curves," the commercial name of another gym I once attended. I've become a total chicken when it comes to exercising in any gyms since then.

However, the other day, I found a gym run by a medical doctor. He reviews the physical background of each person first, and designs an individual plan for each one. I'm excited to think that I might be able to forget about my traumatic experience soon!

While I was talking with the doctor, I felt happy because he understood my bad experiences well, and he also expressed his understanding of how intimidated I was by needles. I saw him trying to stifle his laughter while listening to me, but it's good to see people enjoying my story, anyway. I may have made his day!

There will be one more good thing: Due to my attempt to do so, one of my friends who hates vegetables promised to eat more veggies from now on as a tribute to my re-starting exercise classes. I will save his life too!