@" I Don't Like Staying Put In Such A Cold Place! Brrrrr

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Feb 19, 2012 13:10

The other day, I went to the Traffic Safety Association to have my driver's license renewed for another three years.

There, we were split into several divisions depending on how well we had driven for the last three years. I was shown the way to a room for offenders. Geez, it reminded me of the time that I got a ticket!

In my defense, it was my only violation for many years. I had been driving accident-free forever.

Let me tell you what happened.

While I was pulling out real slow from a parking lot at the bank, my cell phone rang and I knew that it was a call from my mom. I picked it up and was trying to pull over. Then this sneaky cop, who'd been hiding the whole time, knocked on my window.

"You know why I called out!", he said. "Hey, I just stopped!" I wanted to say that, but it was too tough to argue with this kind of person.

Anyway, I was treated as one of the violators and had to listen to a two-hour lecture. It was not that bad to listen to, because it helped me become more concerned with driving safely again.

The problem there was that the heat was not on! It was freezing cold inside the building! I was almost frozen solid after the two hour lecture. I know that they have tried to make serious efforts to save on electricity, however they should've let me know about it beforehand because I'm a total baby when it comes to a cold temperature!

Thanks to that, I got a cold and had a fever with a headache..

I'm on the road to getting over it.

Thank you for reading!

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