@ What Kind of (Japanese) Women Are Attractive? どんな(日本)女性が魅力的ですか?

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Sep 12, 2011 15:33

I feel that the strength coming back to women out in public in Japan lately.

As is emphasized in these Japanese words "jyoshi-kai" and "jyoshi-ryoku," women's power has attracted lots of attention. It may have been a perverse effect to many Japanese Samurai's expectations though..

"Joshi-kai" (女子会)is a Japanese word for a girls-only party in which women enjoy talking about their love and work while eating and drinking together. It was chosen as one of the top 10 trendy words in 2010, and has boomed particularly among working women.

"Joshi-ryoku" (女子力)is a word used for a woman's motivation to develop a sense of style or fashion. It can literally be translated as a woman's power, but it's likely to be used by mostly young girls to increase their allure.

I wonder what kind of characteristics make up an attractive woman?

You know what? The most attractive young women nowadays are the Japanese women's soccer players who hold the nickname of "Nadeshiko-Japan"! As you may already know, in July this year, they realized a long-cherished dream with their first FIFA World Cup victory. We all were so amazed and gave a whoop of joy!

In their games, I was hypnotized with their beauty, mental fortitude and persistence. It was so beautiful!

By the way, what do you think is the essence of feminine charm?: Beautiful looking? Fragile beauty? Inner strength? Submissive attitude?

I heard that those factors above are charms for Japanese women long time ago.

I'm so curious...