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Which Looks Rude With or Without ~ 失礼にならなければいいけど、、、 With native lang

Have you noticed the fact that Japanese people nod a lot when they are listening to you and even lecturers? A TV program was trying to...
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  • English 
Jan 28, 2015 11:23
mirai Premium

I'm in a Fit of Jealousy 嫉妬に駆られている自分 With native lang

Recently, I've started thinking about my English ability seriously. One of the reasons is that I've got some people who asked me ...
  • 117
  • 22
  • 3
  • English 
Jan 26, 2015 18:42
mirai Premium

I Have a Question about English 質問です!

How are you, my friends? Here is a thing I have been wondering about the difference between two ways to say. I received a mail ma...
  • 158
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  • English 
Jan 21, 2015 10:18
mirai Premium

Preconceived Ideas 先入観って。。 With native lang

Yesterday, I met a lady, who is around 30 years old, at a kimono school. I was lucky that she, the kimono teacher and I had some time to ...
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  • English 
Jan 17, 2015 14:41
mirai Premium

I Have Some English Questions for You. 質問があります

I've decided to study English from ABCs for some reason. And, I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, and focus on grammar for 30 minutes. ...
  • 258
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  • 10
  • English 
Jan 16, 2015 08:00
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Testimonials from My Friends

Mirai's kind words of encouragement and precise corrections are one of the main reasons I have continued to use this site over two years. She's always willing to speak what's on her mind, and always writes some of the most interesting entries I've read on this website. She's been a great teacher and friend here, and I think anyone who is learning Japanese could benefit from her help.
She's such an awesome person! Not only does she correct my posts all the time, she always leaves a cool comment with something for me to think about! Her English is phenomenal as well!
Mirai is one of my oldest Lang-8 friends. She is a constant source of new information about Japanese, and she strives to utilise new language. There are few people who try as hard as she to improve their language skills, and I feel lucky that she is here to help me everyday.
mirai writes about things I wouldn't think of writing about (in a good way). She is very open and it shows with her writing. Her style is very interesting and draws readers in. Her correction are great because she not only correct, but explains why she corrects it. I hope to be as good as she is in English (but in my case in Japanese). I believe mirai (along with other Lang-8 members) will be one of those people that will contribute to my goal in Japanese fluency ^_^
Mirai always writes honest journals that consider many perspectives. She freely shares her thoughts with us without hiding anything and always takes the time to reply personally to our comments. Also you'll notice her journals usually have a picture attached which is relevant to the topic being discussed. It is all part of the experience you will enjoy when you visit Mirai's journals. ^_^