Questions And Answers About Rural India. Part 4

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Apr 30, 2012 16:58
Q5: How are the life of the servants in rural India ?

Answer: One example, the personal servants of my classmate started take care of his life when he was 14 years old. They are all in the same as my classmate but they have to do everything for their master, my classmate , from putting his shoes on to carrying his bags. They are nearly like slaves.

Q6: Is "Son preference" really deeply rooted in the social system of India ?

Answer: Yes. In India society, a son is heavily valued. Nearly all of the women in India prefered to have a son rather than a daughter. If a married woman is over 40 years old but has no son, she will be regarded as the bane of females and the other woman will stay away from her to avoid bad luck.

Q7: Is polygyny very common in rural India ?

Answer: It is illegal but it is common in rural India. Generally, landowners and aristocrats strictly followed the monogamous marriage law. The people who prefer to have multiple wives are wealthy farmers ( To have more labor force.)