Questions And Answers About India. Part 1

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Apr 24, 2012 18:47
Below is a series of Q&A about rural India. The person who gave out these answers is a Chinese student who has 8 months of experience as a guest living in one of his classmate's house. And this classmate's father is the biggest landowner of his hometown.

I made this translataion. Please point out my English mistakes. Thank you very much.

Q1. How about the economical gap between rural China and rural India ?

The people living in Chinese rural areas enjoy a much better life than India. In the rural area of India, the untouchables are the majority of the society. They cannot receive even the very basic medical care and education. Some of them cannot get enough food. In their living places there is no electricity supply and no tap water. While the landowners usually generate their own electricity. In recent years, the usage of mobile phones has become common in rural India, but there are very few places in which they can be recharged. The untouchables usually get their cell phones charged at a charging station and pay a fee. Therefore, Chinese-made copycat mobile phones are very popular there.
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