Description of A Pie Chart And A Table Chart

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Apr 22, 2012 22:22
The pie chart illustrates the main causes of worldwide land degradation. There are three major reasons: over-grazing(35%), over-cultivation(28%) and deforestation(30%). The rest is 7% in total.

The table chart indicates the percentage of land degraded by these causes.

Europe suffered the most serious land degradation, the total land degradation rate is 23%. Among them, 9.8% is due to deforestation while 7.7% and 5.5% are due to over-cultivation and over-grazing respectively.

The land degradation rate in Oceania is a little more than half of that in Europe, whick is 13%. In Oceania, most of the degraded land is caused by over-grazing(11.3%).

North America has the lowest land degradation rate(5%).

Overall, North America performs the best in these three areas while the land degradation in Europe is considerably serious.