A Story About Snails.

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Apr 12, 2012 15:21
Snails can be cooked in wine and are popular food in some cultures, but it is uncomfortable for me to imagine eating snails.

Here is a story about snails.

Jack has a friend named Robert. Robert lives in a country where snails are despised. He likes eating snails but could not easily get them. For years he has been asking Jack to collect snails for him. One day, Jack collected several dozen of snails, put them in a paper bag, and took them to Robert. Robert was pleased to see Jack and his little gift. After came in, Jack left the paper bag in the hall and went into the living room with Robert. A couple of hours later, Robert told Jack to stay to dinner and the main dish would be snails. Jack did not fancy about this idea and reluctantly followed Robert out of the room. To their dismay, they saw that there were snails everywhere: they had escaped from the paper bag and were everywhere in the hall!