My Unlucky Cousin

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Jan 4, 2012 00:12
I have a cousin who is a kindergarten teacher. She is a very kind person, but after many years of work, she feels tired of taking care of kids. Kids are cute, lovely creatures, but are also troublemakers. It's normal to get bored when you are dealing with kids every day.

She is six years older than me, but we grew up together. After graduated from middle school, she went to a junior college and was trained to become a teacher. After graduation she was hired by a famous local kindergarten. Everything went well except her marriage. In the third year of her marriage, her husband started having affairs with other women. My cousin could not bare this and they got divorced the following year. My cousin is very very unlucky and her unhappy marriage influenced her life a lot. She gradually became a materialistic woman. Her pain is so deep. Because of Chinese traditional, getting divorced can sometimes ruin a girl's life. She was greatly hurt by this experience. I hope she will cheer up someday.