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Nov 25, 2011 20:30
Overweight has become a world problem in this modern society, especially in rich countries.

This became a social phenomenon mainly because a great many people eat too much while exercise little.
For those who suffered the pain of obesity, the heavily imbalanced diet they choose is the real culprit
In western countries such as USA, fast food is extremly popular among people who is in trouble with overweight.

Lack of physical activity is another key factor of unhealthy weight gain.The excessive food energy intaken by the body will be transformed into fat when necessary physical movements needed to consume these eneries is unable to achieve. Increased reliance on car decreased our average walking time, make people being "lazy".

There are two measures to solve this problem.The first is to keep a balanced diet,avoid eating fast food and try more green food like vegetables,and develop a healthy eating habits.The second is to practice more exercise.Create more chances for yourself to do physicall activities.