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Nov 11, 2011 23:55
Why would a boy like me enjoy reading manga drawed for girl?(少女漫画,NANAとか) and watches these kind of anime(女性向),is that werid?
Perhaps so, perhaps not.
I just know I'm really special, at least in my college...
I believe I can sense the deep feelings expressed by these manga and am always very sensitive to the emotions portrayed in the manga & anime.I just don't know whether the feelings I experienced while reading girl's manage were a male reader's feelings or were they more similar to a female reader's feelings.

Acutually I am very manly. Haha.
By experience, I do not lack masculinity only when I am not in a relationship(this is especially so when I fall in love with someone).I found that when I fall in love with someone(a girl-I am not homosexual) I would act like a female(being very emotional etc)(純情?無邪気?Simple?). Maybe it's the influence of learning Japenese and reading mangas.
Being emotional and delicate is not a merit for a man who wishes to accomplish something in the business world someday.
I will try to be a true man, all the time. Haha.