Parents Should Teach Children How to Be Good Members of Society.

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Nov 3, 2011 22:56
Parents should take the responsibility to teach children how to behave properly in the society. As parents live with children in their growing years, they definitely have the most influence on their growth.

T parent-children relationship is first built and developed after the formation of a child's self-consciousness. In this relationship, children try to learn social rules and directly learn how to behave in the society from their parents, even unconsciously. As the guide, parents play a unique role because children try to learn how to behave by imitating their parents. It's the natural way of learning and growing, so the position of parents in education can never be replaced by that of others, especially when the child is under the age of 12.

However, the importance of the eduction from school cannot be ignored, for it is the place where children begin to socialize. The instructions from teachers affect children's behavior in a number of ways and provide yet another chance for them to know society. Besides, children learn to follow rules in school and it's quite helpful for them to adapt to the society.

Above all, I support the idea that both parents and education of school are very important in teaching child how to be a good member of the society, but parents stand in a more significant position.