Goals,life and change

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Aug 28, 2011 01:15
Living under a monotonous lifestyle is definitely unhealthy for freedom chasers ,those who hate repeated experiences.There is no way a born traveler can do a accountant job happily.
Doing a practical job is surely uncomfortable for dream chasers,those who live in an ideal world. There is no way a live-in-dream man would accept a disliking job before he wakes up.
But life is life,no one can be the exception of the jungle rule unless you are a born-rich. Earning a living in a more practical way is probably the better choice for those "chasers" when they realise their original goals is in fact(actually) unachievable.
Sometimes the goals one always keep pursuing for a long time can be found personally unrealistic, and this awareness needs a practice more than deeply thinking.
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